Laura primarily teaches and lectures on creativity, spirituality, personal and professional development, mindfulness, Depth Hypnosis, Applied Shamanism, Coming to Peace, and related areas of study. She consults with organizations, groups, and individuals and has a limited number of openings in her private practice.

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“Working with Laura the last few years has positively transformed my relationship to myself and others. The level of healing I have experienced working is nothing short of astounding. With Laura’s guidance, I have created healthy boundaries, I trust myself more, and have improved my own craft. She is patient, firm, compassionate, and funny and I love working with her.” K.H.

“My work with Laura has made a profound difference in my life. After only a few sessions, the internal critical voice quieted, and some ingrained negative habits eased. I always feel so well held for the transformation that takes place in moving through the dark stuff. Laura is kind when needed, fierce when needed, and has a clarity of vision that is powerful and compassionate. I have so much gratitude for the work we have done, and I attribute part of my daily joyfulness to this work and to Laura’s guidance and care.” C.M.

“I work in a competitive, high-stress work environment. Working with Laura has been invaluable in helping me see the larger picture and address tricky work dynamics. Her ability to perceive issues and provide tools that help me arrive at solutions have made it possible for me to excel at my job and in my life.” J.M.

“Laura creates a safe space and holds deep compassion for the transformative work of Depth Hypnosis. Through sessions with Laura I have accessed new levels of awareness, deepened my personal spiritual practice, strengthened the relationship with my husband, found greater satisfaction in our sex life, resolved patterns of addiction more deeply, and am generally living a more peaceful and authentic life. I am much less reactive and able to come back to my center more quickly and easily when activated. Laura is a gifted practitioner and her work is filled with warmth, beauty, and love.” B.L.

“I am an artist and a parent. When my son was born, I had a difficult time trying to navigate my work as an artist and the needs of my child. I felt trapped and unsure of my future. Laura helped me navigate the terrain I was in helping me finding balance between my creative work life and being a parent. As a result, I have experienced an expansion in my career, deep insight into my role as a mother, and a profound connection to my son.” A.B.